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In this daunting economic climate, what can the dozens of green energy start-ups in Nevada and thousands across the country do? First, they must seriously “soul search” to be sure they want to do this because it will be hard – and life changing. Then, look to more economical – and flexible -- ways to launch their businesses since traditional funding avenues are not available. Next, reach out to proverbial “friends and family” for financial support. Yes, even an equity loan. While doing this, network at relevant forums and conferences and learn how to “work a room” to get leads to individual investors (and customers), then follow up over coffee. If you cannot engage people this way, then learn, or give it up. You must be good with people because in the beginning the owner is the VP of Sales. Finally, partner with an experienced marketing firm who can help you understand your competition, define your strongest sales message (competitive advantage) and deliver it to your best prospects, at least cost. Marketing strategies should be ROI-driven, based on greatest efficiency, lowest cost.



Marketing Green Power principal Dave Roberts is presently assisting companies with marketing in the field of Renewable Energy. This focus is as much a passion as it is a business. It began more intellectually when candidates in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election were talking about fossil fuel dependency, global warming and the potential for the U.S to regain lost manufacturing prominence via this emerging green industry. After reading "An Inconvenient Truth,” “Our Choice," many other books and seeing investor support plus federal "stimulus" funding, I began to understand the environmental-geopolitical-economic importance of green energy. I was hooked, so in the fall of 2008 I began to develop my expertise in renewable energy.



Custom essay writing services provided by Custom-essay.net. Having the luxury of making a passion a business stems from years in Silicon Valley where I was a technology marketing consultant for over ten years. Engagements included a broad range of technologies (Business Objects, Intermec, Intuit, Microsoft, Oracle, Piezotronics, Pinnacle, Quantum and Techtel). Like many “valley” people at that time (1992-2002), I held a complement of Board start-up positions, was co-founder of the Silicon Valley Brand Forum and wrote dozens of articles on marketing and branding. Prior to my consultancy I was employed variously as director of marketing, advertising and brand management at Apple Computer, Visa USA (credit cards) and advertising agencies McCann-Erickson and Grey Advertising (package goods). Therefore, as a broad based marketer (both B-to-B and B-to-C), I can attract potential green energy sales across a wide array of business and consumer target groups, along with developing strategies to reach the most promising. A graduate of Michigan State University, School of Advertising, I currently write a column at CleanTechnica.com about emerging renewable energy companies.

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