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Since I’ve been actively involved with Renewable Energy in northern Nevada for the past two years, I’ve come across a number of organizations that are either trying to launch green businesses (start-ups) or are engendering public education and support (agencies and incubaters). Here are the articles I’ve written celebrating these activities that also appear separately in my online column: They are reprinted here, beginning with the most recent:

# Article Title Date
1 Shoring up embankments not only sustains the environment, but actually saves energy. 11/30/13
2 It's a no brainer for buildings to save money AND become more energy efficient 09/25/12
3 What's the best solar energy system for your home, community, business or farm? 04/07/12
4 China and local installers, the big winners in the solar and wind energy price wars 10/04/11
5 President Obama confirms Reno as clean energy hub 05/11/11
6 Green Technology is Essential to Nevada’s Economic Recovery 02/16/11
7 Reno Walks The Talk as a Leader in Renewable Energy 01/03/11
8 Energy Experts Fear – Will Nevada Become the Detroit of the West? 11/21/10
9 Reno Chamber Affirms N Nevada Potential as Major Renewable Energy Hub 09/23/10
10 Is There a Difference Between Marketing & Selling With Clean Energy Start-Ups? 09/04/10
11 Five diverse energy start-ups pitch for funding at C4Cube forum 07/12/10
12 Free energy audit now available to small and medium sized Nevada businesses 03/01/10
13 MSW may be the best biofuel feedstock for producing ethanol 01/07/10

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