Five diverse energy start-ups pitch for funding at C4Cube forum

When Senator Reid said northern Nevada was the Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy, he surely was shooting low.  The genesis of the claim stems from Nevada having greater per capita usage of geothermal energy than anywhere else.

But he overlooked that there is also more raw potential, both human and available fuelstock, for green energy generation and energy conservation in Nevada than almost anywhere else.  Most are aware of extensive geothermal development already in place in northern Nevada, as well as extensive solar farms in the south.  What’s not well known is Nevada’s energy diversity such as new developments in biofuel resources, utility scale batteries, solar and wind energy generation and energy efficiency -- all emanating from northern Nevada.

This diversity was exemplified at a recent gathering of energy start-up owners and investors, hosted jointly by the C4Cube incubator, state utility company NVEnergy and state business development organization EDAWN. Five new companies in the areas of wind, solar, and biomass energy generation and energy efficiency outlined their business propositions and their cases for funding.  Here’s a sampling of what we learned about promising new green energy ideas presented at the Cube’s June 25 Business Forum.

SweptWind – Mike Hess, CEO (presenter)

SweptWind designs, builds and delivers medium sized Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) from 100kW to 1,000kW.  Primary applications are distributed (off grid) power systems, with wind farms being secondary. SweptWind mid-sized turbines are placed remotely from utility power sources and the grid to meet local, municipal, government, and potentially, military demand. They are large enough to deliver price competitive power, and with associated storage, can meet all the power requirements of a large facility or small community.

3D Armor Systems – Devin Standard, COO

3D Armor Systems is developing unique technology that will enable the cost effective deployment of Smart Windows.  3DAS and its partners have patented and licensed multiple innovations to produce a film that can be applied on new or existing window surfaces.  The application facilitates energy management by allowing readily adaptive and automatic control of heating and cooling systems based upon provisionable energy saving parameters.

XESolar – Colin Williams, CEO

Xtreme Energetics is developing ultra-high efficiency solar energy systems to serve both the central utility and building-integrated solar markets using ecologically harmonious and architecturally inspiring designs. The technology uses best-of-breed solar cells, a new concentrator design, and a new electronic light steering mechanism to achieve low profile, unobtrusive, concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) power plants in desert central utilities and on commercial buildings.

SierraWave Technologies – Dr. Paul Donahue, CEO

SierraWave was formed in 2009 to deliver a breakthrough Renewable Energy (biofuel) and Water Ecosystem that addresses critical global water and energy challenges.  SierraWave is focused on serving enormous vital global markets, thereby achieving both recurring revenue, and measurable, positive environmental and social impact, guided and measured by our utilization of a novel “cloud” MIS system.

Ambature, Inc. - Geoff Williamson, V.P. Business Dev.

Ambature was founded in 2007 to develop technologies that can significantly improve the efficiency of electrical energy generation, distribution and usage.  These technologies will impact electrical transmission lines, electric motors, integrated circuits as well as a broad range of other electrical devices.  The company intends to develop these technologies and license the intellectual property to other companies, as well as create partnerships in the development of innovative products that use these technologies.

Executive Director of C4Cube Norman Smith had this to say about their June 25 Renewable Energy Forum, "the CUBE is constantly focusing on emerging technologies whi ch represent the greatest opportunity for regional economic d iversity, job creation, and investor returns.  But I have to say that this Forum really felt special.  When you combine the region's needs for business and job development with the nation's needs for energy security and a clean environment, it's difficult to think of a more timely and critical topic.” This article can also be found at my energy column.


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